Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cleanup campaign a winner


The Clean Up the Valley campaign launched recently has struck a chord with Valley residents and business owners. Run by local councillor David Hinchliffe with this paper’s help, the campaign has fired the imagination of a large number of people who would be even prouder of our patch if it was a lot cleaner and tidier.

Responses have flooded into the Indie from locals with their own nominations to be considered for Cr Hinchliffe’s “Grot Spots”.
And typical of the community spirit behind such a strong reaction to the campaign was an email from Fortitude Valley Suncorp branch manager Grant Stoodley. “I read with interest the article on Councillor David Hinchliffe’s campaign to clean up the Valley.
“Suncorp Bank Fortitude Valley would like to lend our support to this worthwhile endeavour and volunteer our services one weekend to assist cleaning up any areas in need.
“I firmly believe Fortitude Valley is a fantastic area and deserves to be looked after, we should have pride in our local area and my team and I would like to demonstrate ours.
“Please let me know how we can assist in this endeavour.”
Grant and his staff are likely to be rubbing shoulders with the Indie crew shortly, as soon as Cr Hinchliffe gives us a suitable area to clean up. For his latest Grot Spot (see Page 8), Cr Hinchliffe has nominated the Fortitude Valley mall at weekends (see photos above).
In an open letter to Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, he writes: “On these and other nights the mall is effectively a massive open-air venue, but without the sort of control that enclosed private venues can exert. This is why the Valley Chamber of Commerce and I have been calling for a total management plan for the Valley.
“This should combine detailed planning for effective public and private transport, improved pedestrian safety, cleaning in public and private spaces, coordinated police and private security, strict private and public alcohol consumption.
“The State Government has agreed this plan needs to be put in place as a high priority. I would urge that you and all council agencies work with the state. As part of this plan, I would urge that further bins are provided for rubbish. I know that we have provided about 20 extra bins in the Valley area, but more are needed. As well, we need to have more cleaners on duty so that the rubbish doesn't build up. When people see the cumulating rubbish, they think it is okay to add to it. Keep reducing the rubbish and mall users should get the message.
“I also ask that you consider what can be done in relation to those takeaway venues that are the main source of the rubbish – in particular McDonalds, Subway and New York Slice pizza. We have asked them to have their staff assist in picking up their rubbish, but they continue to decline.
"I realise that council has limited powers, but is there anyway we can look at denying planning approvals or any other remedy to limit these sorts of takeaways?”

In a separate email to The Independent, Cr Hinchliffe has expressed his disappointment that one of the Grot Spots named last issue is still in need of a thorough cleanup. His recent photos of Trugian Place on the corner of St Pauls Terrace and Brunswick Street will be uploaded to our website shortly. Cr Hinchliffe says that he’ll give the city council a little more leeway in tidying up this park, before he adds the location to a Shame File that this paper is happy to publish over the months ahead.